Articles Points About Homoeopathy by Dr. Nikam

Points About Homoeopathy by Dr. Nikam

  1. Today, efforts are on to dispute Homoeopathy. Some call it as an alternate medicine, or an adjustment theropy best suited to chronic not so life threatenning disease which requires the crutches of other therapeutic sciences.
  2. Since1983, I have been practising Homoeopathy and have recently set up a 50 bedded Homoeopathy Hospital named 'Aditya' – "The Rising Sun" , wherein it has been possible to clearly prove that Homoeopathy is an Advanced Science & nor an alternate or adjuvant Science.
  3. Whereas I have been treating & caring disease Cardiac Bye Threating emergancies including 90% tripls viral disease blocks, among others there was no way to prove how Homoeopathy was working & whether it worked or the patient got cured by nature's effect. The installation of a 45 lakh Cartography Machine has now made it possible to explore & offer a working mechanism. Sincilarly the effectiveness of this science in Renal & metabolic disease is well documented by supporting Biochemical tests. I evelove a few cronic cases and also a Book published to Prove the role of Homoeopathy as an Advanced Science.
  4. Today metabolic disease (Hypertension, Coronary Artery Disease, Reneal & Diabetics etc) have assumed epidermic proportions and is costing the nation a fortune due to expensive diagnotic effort, biochemical tests and life long drug therapy.
  5. I write to you as the Father of Service of this great Nation to give a direction for broadbasing Homoeopathy which is an advanced science, cheap & core effective with no side effects and offers a simple viable solution for management of health problem of our country.
  6. The area in which this direction is reduced will be :
    1. Review of work undertaken since 1983 by a team of experts terms of reference to be split out by the head of committee.
    2. To explore & assign Research element to the work of this hospital.
    3. The skills & expertise to be disseminated & thus to give a teaching angle.
  7. I write to you with full faith & confidence to speed up the process & to help alternate the suffering of thousands in this our own nation and for whom no cure exists or the cure is not within reach. I also wish to emphasise the Golden rule that truth is simple and if Homoeopathy is truth, it has to be simple, it cannot be complicated.

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