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Project Report

1. About Dr. Amar Nikam :
Dr. Nikam is the first person to start a Homoeopathic Hospital in India, way back in 1994. He is the Medical Director of this Hospital ‘ADITYA Homoeopathic Hospital And Healing Centre ’ running as a Charitable trust with Regd. No. E/4126/Pune. This hospital, with 50 beds facility, not only provides round the clock service to patients from India and abroad, but also serves as an educational platform for students, internees and new practitioners. Dr. Nikam is also an Honorary Professor at Bharati Vidyapeeth Homoeopathic College, Pune. Being an Honorary Consulting Homoeopath to this college, he also attends to OPD there once a week as a social service.

Dr. Nikam has been invited for many seminars in India and abroad, where he has presented important papers pertaining to the latest trends and practical aspects of Homoeopathic Consultation, based on his personal experience of last 24 years. Several times, he has been invited to give lectures and interviews in Mass Communication Medias, such as Radio and TV. Recently, his interview on Homoeopathic treatment was broadcasted on 29th & 30th of January 2006 by ETV Channel in their programme “Samvad”. It is said that ‘WHERE THERE IS NEED, DR. NIKAM IS ALWAYS THERE ’.

He has conducted free urgent Medical Camps at the time of calamities such as earthquakes, at Latur and floods in Kolhapur as well as during Kumbh–Mela at Nasik. These are in addition to several normal free treatment camps he conducts all over Maharashtra for the benefit of poor and needy patients. His OPD at ADITYA Homoeopathic Hospital, Pimpri, is always crowded with patients and he has to keep himself awake everyday up to 3 or 4 am, working all through the night and for all 7 days, curing patients with magic power of Homoeopathic Remedies, and without resorting to saline or injections.

Due to his commitment for social work, professional acumen and dedication to the cause of Homoeopathy, he has been showered with many National & International awards and prizes, which include “International Millennium Gold Star Award ” and prestigious “Indira Gandhi Sadbhavana Puraskar ”. To share his practical experience with the practicing Homoeopaths and student community, he spared his valuable time to write a book titles as “Homoeopathy, The Art of Rapid And Gentle Healing ”.

In this book, he has described in detail the case studies pertaining to various severe pathological diseases, which he had successfully treated with Homoeopathy. By popular demand, this book, which was widely acclaimed all over the world, has been translated in Hindi - Twarit Eawam Mirudu Upchar Paddhati and published recently.

2. About Aditya Homoeopathic Hospital & Healing Centre :
Dr.Amarsinha D. Nikam, a senior and reknowned homoeopath, is presently running a 50 beds 'Aditya Homoeopathic Hospital & Healing Centre' at Pimpri Gaon, Pune - 411017, Maharashtra, India. It is the first homoeopathic hospital in India and is a brainchild of Dr. Amar Nikam who started this hospital way back in 1994.

This hospital is managed by a public trust under the able chairmanship of Dr. Amar Nikam himself and is running very successfully for the last 12 years. The hospital receives severe life threatening pathological cases on daily basis. These patients get improved so quickly with Dr. Amar Nikam's homoeopathic treatment that they themselves become the ambassadors for him and his hospital.

Dr.Amar Nikam has earned wide reputation for his magic homoeopathic cure and people from all communities, all provinces & countries, speaking different languages and belonging to all strata's of our society through his hospital to receive his 'Magic' homoeopathic cure, for which he has become very famous. The effect of this constant rush of patients to his hospital is that 30 to 35% of patients, who really need immediate hospitalization, have to be kept on waiting list for admission. Since many patients have to wait for their turn even for some months.

Awareness & training Program :
Awareness programs should be conducted at Ghana to build confidence & faith in people about Homoeopathy.

Currently, the local people should get training about Homoeopathy & the Homoeopathic Medicines, how to use such medicines in various disease to cure the diseases & give relief to the patients. For such reasons, there is a need for 'Homoeopathic Medical College'. So that the local people can get the knowledge of Homoeopathy & they can spread their knowledge in local people & build the confidence & faith.

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