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Role of Repertory

There are a number of different pathies which are existing in this world. Till date, around 161 Pathies are there, Homoeopathy being one of them and new ones are still originating.

The origin of Homoeopathy is not a year old but it had come into existence at around 1790 when the founder Dr.Hahnemann brought it to the world in 1796.

Homoeopathy – Science and Art was thus founded by DR. Samuel Hahnemann, though an Allopath himself after proving various Homoeopathic medicines on the basis of symptom similarities.

Day after day new medicines started coming to notice. New provings continued and thus at his time around 100 medicines were proved.

As the number of medicines started increasing, it became quite difficult for the physicians to remember each and every symptom, thus they had to refer again and again to the materia medica. This proved to be a hectic task even for Dr. Hahnemann. So he started indexing the symptoms to make the work simple.

The first Repertory thus came but remained unpublished (1805) by the name of Fragments Dr. Verebus Medica Mentorum Positivus. This gave birth to the Modern Repertories., Thus , “The NEED OF REPERTORY CAME FROM THE CHARACTER OF HOMOEOPATHY ITSELF ”.

Till date around 4000 medicines have been proved. As it became very difficult to remember each and every symptom by heart therefore the need to form a compendium , a table or an index came which gave birth to the modern Repertories. Thus we can say that Repertory was born to meet the challenges of Materia Medica.

Thus Repertory forms an Index of Homoeopathic Materia Medica with full information collected from toxicology, Drug Provings and Clinical Experience.

If we look in this Modern World, around 4000 medicines are already there and the number is increasing day by day. Comparing 100 medicines of Hahemann’s time and 4000 medicines of today we come to know about the tremendous change or a revolution which has come in the field of Homoeopathy.

10 years back the Repertories were sufficient to help a physician to deal a case but if we look at this jet age then these Repertories though useful but are highly time consuming. Hence, man’s skill comes into picture. A revolutionary change has come in the field of Repertory in the 20th century. Man has given Birth to new and Modern Computer Repertories which have proved to be a boom in the Homoeopathic World. Although we say that Homoeopathy has proved to be an important tool in the path of cure, the advent of computer Repertory has added starts to its glory.

Earlier when Physicians had started using Repertories then there basic approaches were followed which still are widely accepted. These 3 approaches of Kent, Boger and Boenninghausen still proved to be as three pillars in the Homoeopathic World. These three stalverts gave the three famous approaches which have helped the physicians throughout these years to come to cure.

Dr. Kent gave the famous Kentian approach which till date is accepted and followed throughout the world with open Hands. He gave the famous concept of totality saying that :
  1. Generals are more important than particulars.
  2. Mentals are more important than Physical generals.
  3. Modalities are more important than sensations, which are more important than Locations.
Dr. Boger on the other side said about :
  1. Grand Generalization.
  2. Sensation and complaints in general
    • Sensations.
    • Modalities.
  3. Pathological general ( if available).
  4. Concomitant.
  5. Mentals to differentiate and confirm.
Dr. Boenninghauser who is referred to as the Father of Repertory explained :
  1. Grand Generalization.
  2. Sensation and complaints in general.
  3. Concomittant.
  4. Craving and complaints in general.
  5. Pathological Condition in general.
  6. Mentals for final differentiation.

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