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Role of Repertory

These three approaches were not given vaguely but after years of practice and experience, they used all their clinical experience and knowledge andhence put forward the point of view into the public. Their provings were based on the Results which thay had obtained after years of practice. Thus it becomes our duty to respect their opinion and always pay homage to tem by following their views which forms the basis of Homoeopathic treatment.

Till now, these therr approaches are being followed. But as time is passing by many people have come forward. They have put their Clinical experience in one vlock and have prepared dairies for their own reference which has given birth to so called Clinical Repertories are definately useful and has proved helpful to the physicians. These helped to deal with drugs refering to a particular condition. This has helped us to rotate Clinical knowledge with our knowledge of Materia Medica. Repertories like Borland’s Puenmonia are one of its kind. Thus, the sound knowledge of Materia Medica helps the physician to co–relate it with the clinical experience and then cure the patients which is the sole mission of the physician.

As we all know that each and every case needs diffirent handling. Each case has to be dealed individually i.e. individualization plays an important role. It depends on the skill of the physician which approach has to be followed and when. Thus what our goal is to respect and accept ecah one’s opinion and apply accordingly to prove to be a true Homoeopath.

Due to new era of today changes are taking place in each field. Change is the key of life, thus we all should be flexible and not fixed and Rigid. And should always accept the changes which come forward. We should accept all the new Repertories without forgetting our basics.

We should always remember that without sound knowledge of MM, OP and Repertory, and without correlating them, we can simply not work on the path of success i.e. on the path of cure.

Thus it is really true that Repertory is a physicians land where he can sow the seeds of intelligence and knowledge, and grow the crop of success i.e. CURE.

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