Social Responsibility Social Responsibility - Introduction

Social Responsibility - Introduction

Rural Health Camp, Ahmadnagar, Maharashtra

Rural Health Camp

Aditya Homoeopathic Hospital and Healing centre (AHHHC) had organised a FREE rural health camp at Babasaheb Ambedkar Hall at 'Parner ' dist. Ahmednagar on 9/01/11 for the women's self help group.

We had the good fortune of having associated with 'Zashichi rani gruha vikas samiti ' (Grmapanchayat Parner) and Mahila arthika vikas mahamandal (MAVIM) for this purpose.

District Coordinating Officer, Shri Vijay Doke took tremendous organized efforts and controlled the proceeding with usual ease and grace. The presence of the Sarpanch Shri Tarade and Dr Trupti Auti marked the occasion as very important in the history of the grampanchayat.

All these VIPs expressed their heartfelt happiness at having Dr. Amarsinha Nikam for the health checkup. They described this occasion as a golden opportunity and urged the participants to take full benefit of the services provided. They also requested the ladies to answer all questions by our expert associate doctors to help pinpoint the exact remedy.

Dr. Nikam in his wonderful speech explained the benefits of homoeopathy in curing the patients and prevention of further health problems. His knack of telling vital truths through engaging stories enthralled the audience. They were literally spellbound and on the edge of the seat for the full duration of his memorable lecture.

Dr. Nikam in his wonderful speech explained More than one hundred persons took benefit of this golden opportunity. Twelve expert associate doctors were continuously toiling to collect accurate case history of the diffident ladies and children. It was a challenge to extract information from the shy and meek patients. But our expert team with their experience, compassion and methodology made them feel at home. Once the ice was broken the patients literally opened up the heart and poured their woes without inhibition.

Dr amarsinha Nikam, in his inimitable style, talked with every patient in a most unhurried and understanding manner. The case history was completed with usual finesse and accuracy. The remedy was instantly selected. Appropriate instructions about daily doses and follow up were also provided to each patient.

The camp was a roaring success. The response was so tremendous that even after continuous six hours of consulting and dispensing of free medicine there was an unending queue of eager patients.

It was evident from the shining and smiling faces of the patients that they were fully satisfied. Their faith and Dr. amarsinha Nikam and his team and regular followup will no doubt relieve them of all their health problems. The lecture bySir has made them aware of the importance of looking after their health; 'themselves'.

After all, the most important wealth is health.

List of the esteemed members of the Nikam family
  • Dr. Amar D. Nikam
  • Mrs. Sudha A. Nikam
  • Dr. Suchitra A. Nikam
  • Dr. Manish A. Nikam
List of associate doctors.
  • Dr. Pallavi Bub
  • Dr Mukesh Musale (From Nasik)
  • Dr. Nilesh (From Nagar)
  • Dr. Sandesh (From Nagar)
  • Dr. Rakhi Munot
  • Dr. Sonal
  • Dr. Sarita
  • Dr. Krupa Limkar
  • Dr. Ashwini Pawar
Press reporting
Mrs Ashwini Doke

Website ( reporting
Shri Nitin Sathe

List of honorable guests
  • Smt. Sumantai Date
  • Smt Pratibha
  • Smt. Ranjana Mandule
  • Smt. Sangita Chede
Support staff
  • Shri Shrikant
  • Shri Allabaksha

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