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Symptoms and Diseaes

Symptoms and Diseases

Symptoms and Diseases IND MIASMS
Chest, Pain In (Example of Common Symptoms as a differential diagnosis).
Due to Acidity Pain in Bronchitis Inter-costal Muscle Neuralgia Pain in Pleurisy Pain in Acute Myocardial Infarction

Aconite Napellus
Indisposition Psora Sycosis Tubercular Syphilis
Dentition Diarrhoea Acidity Asthma Ca. Hypopharynx Amaurosis
  Chest, Affections of (Congestion) B.E.P. (Benign Enlargement of Prostate) C.R.F. (I) Apoplexy
Shivering Chickenpox Bronchitis Cervical Spondylosis Blindness
Sore Throat Diarrhoea (Cholera) Catheter fever Focal epilepsy C.R.F.
  Convulsions (from fright) Chest, Affections of (Catarrh) Haemorrhages (II) Ca. Hypopharynx
  Cough Convulsions (during parturition) Hyperthyroidism Catalepsy
  Dentition Croup   Chest, Affections of (Infarct, Pneumonitic Hypoxia)
  Influenza Cystitis. Nephritis (II) Cholera (Cholera infantum)
  Erythema nodosum (I) Diarrhoea (enteritis) Neuralgia HTN. (Malignant)
  Eye, Affections of (Inflammation) Dysmenorrhoea Osteoarthritis Convulsions (Ecclampsia)
  Fever (Viral) Oesophagitis Parkinson’s Disease Dengue
  HTN (Due to stress) Erythema nodosum (II) Pleurodynia Fever (Meningitis, Encephalitis)
  Headache (Due to congestion) Eye, Affections of (Conjunctivitis) Prolapse of uterus Focal epilepsy
  Jaundice (Viral Hepatitis) Focal epilepsy Psoriasis Gastroenteritis (with perforation)

Indisposition Psora Sycosis Tubercular Syphilis
Breath offensive Abscess (Injury) Abscess Abscess (T.B.) Abscess (Syphilitic)
Cold coryza Cough Balanitis A.I.D.S. (I) A.I.D.S. (II)
Cough Diabetes Mellitus Bronchial Asthma Brain inflammation (Hydrocephalus) Biliary atresia
Diarrhoea Diarrhoea (Bilious) Bronchitis Cervical Spondylosis Brain inflammation (Coma)
Vomiting Dysentery Bubo Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease(C.O.P.D.) Breath offensive (Uremia)
Leucorrhoea Ecthyms Condylomata Diabetes Mellitus (Neuropathy) Cancrum oris
Odor of body, offensive Gum Boil Cough (Catarrh) Dystrophy of Macula Cerebro-Vascular Disease
Toothache Gum unhealthy Diabetes Mellitus Emaciation Chancre
  Hypertension Diarrhoea (Gastritis) Facial palsy C.O.P.D.
  Jaundice Dysentery Frozen shoulder C.R.F. (II)
  Leucorrhoea Eczema Glandular swelling (P.C.O.D.) Cough (Pneumonia) (II)
  Lumbago Emaciation Hepatitis - B Diabetes Mellitus with T.V.D.
  Measles Endocarditis Herpes Diarrhoea (Cholera)
  Smallpox Eye, Affections of (Iritis) Hyperthyroidism Tertiary Syphilis
  Toothache Gout Hypothyroidism Emaciation
  Vomiting Hypertension (Ischemic Heart Disease.) Jaundice (Cirrhosis of Liver) Endocarditis
    Jaundice Lumbago (Spondylosis) Hyperthyroidism
    Leucorrhoea (Vaginitis) Nystagmus Jaundice (Cirrhosis of Liver)

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