Articles The Discovery of Vital Force - Dr. Kausar Khan

The Discovery of Vital Force - Dr. Kausar Khan

The Discovery Of Vital Force

I am an allopathic practitioner and about to discuss a commendable book ‘Vital Force is Oxygen’ by an eminent classical homoeopath Dr. Amarsinha Nikam from Pune.

Here is the reason why I took a turn from being an allopath to a homoeopath. Three years ago, I gave a visit to his 80 bedded hospital at Pimpri, Pune as I read an impressionable case of a patient of chronic renal failure which was not responding to allopathy but it got cured at his Hospital. Since I visited and saw his indoor patients of grave pathologies which were incurable in any other pathy were getting cured under his treatment. Since then I decided to treatment since then I decided to take up homoeopathic practice.

After reading a lot of numerous books on Material Medica Homoeopathic Philosophy & Organon. I came to know that homoeopathic drugs act by affecting Vital Force and diseases are also caused by derangement of vital force. I acknowledged that master Hahnemann has explained Vital Force as invisible causative agent which animates the body in health and disease. It was of notion that vital Force to be an abstract force or soul which was unscientific. Nobody could reach the conclusion that what Hahnemann was talking about “Vital Force” was actually a gas “OXYGEN”. This commendable work has been done by Dr. Nikam Sir and it is not only a comment but it is his conclusion after his experience of 30 yrs of clinical knowledge and practice and not to mention the tireless efforts. He has also done creditable work of books on Miasm, Thermal and Clinical cases.

In his book, ‘Vital Force – The Oxygen’ he has provided a good reference. He mentions that receptors in body play important role in cellular junctions like metabolism, hormonal activities and cell defence, lack of oxygen inside cell can only be noticed by these cell receptors and likewise the disease process starts, this correlates beautifully with Aphorism No. 16 of Organon of Medicine by Dr. Hahnemann that Vital Force can only be attacked dynamically (Disturbance of Oxygen) leading to disease, which can only be removed through body by homoeopathic dynamic medicines which act over vital force (Oxygen) through sentient nerves i.e. receptors.

I am of the opinion that this book has proved to be a milestone for homoeopathic science as up till now it was a neglected science. It’s followers has to suffer a lot of criticisms from other sciences as till date nobody could give a scientific base to homoeopathic science. Thanks to Dr. Nikam Sir’s efforts for bringing Homoeopathy into limelight.

This book will surely equip the learners for the advanced studies and make them understand the Organon of Medicine. The concept of Vital Force should also be included in Homoeopathic courses for learners.

Try to imagine what it means once we have found the essential concept of Homoeopathy. This book gives us the spirit, we practicing homoeopaths, have the task to verify and expand this information.

- Dr. Kauser Khan.

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