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The Empty Cup about 5 years ago

Not very long ago, there was a dean of Tokyo University. He was very knowledgeable about almost everything in the world. He was extremely proud of his knowledge.

One day he heard about meditation. Looking for  an expert, he met a Zen master of meditation in a forest. The dean introduced himself and also showed off his position and knowledge The Zen master welcomed him in his house.
As soon as the Zen master began to speak the dean was in a great hurry. The dean wanted to show that he was highly intelligent and could quickly understand the meditation process. 

The Zen expert was unruffled, and calmly brought for the dean a cup of sakii.e. hot stimulating tea. When the tea was served the Zen master went on pouring more tea into the tea-cup. The cup was already overflowing with tea.

Dean angrily shouted at the Zen-master,: “Can’t you see my cup is already full?” The Zen-master calmly replied, “Exactly! That is what I wish to show you. How can you take in something when the vessel is already full? You must empty the tea-cup so that it can take in and hold more fresh tea””

Similarly if anyone wants to imbibe new knowledge process on Classical Homeopathy, s/he must follow three important steps:

A) Empty your mind of all prejudices, biases, and preconceived notions.
B) Take in the new knowledge fully with an open mind.
C) Give sufficient time for gathering and storing the new knowledge in full.

Sd. Dr. AmarsinhaNikam

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