Books The New Research in Manifestation of Miasm

The New Research in Manifestation of Miasm

The New Research in Manifestation of Miasm
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Homoeopathy is not a logical science. It is purely scientifically based on the Dynamic Nature’s law. While working on miasm, I understood this great philosophy, which is absolutely based on the fundamental laws and principles, which Dr. Hahnemann wanted to exhibit in the field of medicine. Every Homoeopathic remedy is having magical (super-natural power) strength to restore the human life without creating any medical and surgical violence. Thus it is a painless and peaceful treatment, which converts, painful tears into blossoming flowers. You will be overwhelmed to see that your medicine is putting smile on the patient’s face. But this can be possible only when you are going to work deeply and thoroughly on this magnificent science. Every science is based on some standards.

Dr. Hahnemann and other stalwarts of this field spent lot of their valuable time and did lot of efforts to put forth this science, which is dynamic. But in coming years their followers created multiple misconceptions in this great science by their unethical practice. As a result pathetically, Homoeopathy not only suffered a great loss but also was and is being criticized as a baseless science. But the time has not gone because law of nature says, "Truth never dies".

After many years of thorough study and after meditating on Homoeopathic philosophy and science I started practicing purely on Dr. Hahnemann’s principles. I was astonished to find marvelous results and every single principle of Dr. Hahnemann proved to be a truth in itself. My faith was deepening and these enthusiastic results compelled me to establish Homoeopathic Hospital in this huge country. I kept on working and exploring Homoeopathic Repertories and Materia Medicas for 14 years. I was strongly convinced which in turn gave me confidence to start the First ever Homoeopathic Hospital based on Homoeopathic science.

To setup a hospital without any guidance and torchbearers was a challenging task but after continuously following Homoeopathic Principles and fundamentals I never felt any confusion and was not disappointed at any time. Even emergencies like Acute M.I. and such other advance pathological diseases were never very difficult & impossible. I never required any Oxygen cylinder, I.C.U., I.C.C.U. and special casualty departments to undertake critical and emergency cases. This is only because of the truth and pure proven science of Homoeopathy.

After persistently doing research work on this science, I came to the conclusion that Dr. Hahnemann’s principles should be reestablished again, which will help to create Homoeopathy as a standard science. Dr. Hahnemann basically was Allopathic M.D. Physician. And being a MD physician he had thorough and basic knowledge of philosophy, pathology and disease condition. Reading the book of Chronic diseases, you will realize that how in his Master piece work, Dr. Hahnemann scientifically came to conclusion that there is always some dynamic disturbing power behind every human pathology and diseases.

This great philosopher not only brought miasmatic theory into limelight but he took further efforts and came with a solution as to how one can restore a natural dynamic disturbance by creating similar, but powerful artificial dynamic disturbance (miasm) that will overpower the natural one. This confirmed the law ‘Similia similibus curenture’.

At his time, there was not single modern equipment available like electronic microscope, U.S.G. machines, M.R.I. scans and the advance medical equipments to do the pathological, diagnostic investigations in the search for disease conditions. And also at his time, the atomic therapy and the molecular science, biotechnology was not developed. But this grandmaster established Homoeopathy to match and benefit any type of culture, society and even today’s modern life. His science was completely based on the patient (individual approach) and not on the disease.

Here, I emphasized that every Homoeopathic student should understand the basic physiology, anatomy, and pathology. And every Homoeopath must appreciate the new physiological concepts and pathological conditions and the basic investigations to be done to understand the severity, so that the patients get full recovery from your prescribed medicine.

I visited multiple Homoeopathic Medical Colleges and realized the situation that Homoeopathic students are only interested in Homoeopathic Materia Medica, Repertorization and Philosophy and are not well versed with physiology and pathology subject. If a doctor fails to understand the Pathology and the Miasm, he will not be in a better situation to understand as to how far his medicine is working in accordance to Homoeopathic law and how far it is curing the disease. So I realized that there is need of proper guidance to our budding Homoeopathic students to understand the subject of miasm, which basically needs a sound knowledge of pathology.

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