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The Target about 5 years ago

When I began practicing Homeopathy, I came across many difficult cases. So as to gain from advanced knowledge and take advantage of the experiences of my seniors, I interacted with many of them. I made queries about their unsuccessful cases. I asked them why these patients continued to suffer although a prolonged period of treatment had passed. I also referred some of my own patients to senior and well-known homeopathic consultants.
On meeting them I would discuss these cases with them. Most of these consultants had absolutely no idea why these patients were not responding to their treatment.
    I had heard of a hunter. He would go on a hunt whenever he got the time. Whenever he returned from a hunt, he would show off his hunting skills. The hunter’s son was very proud of his father. The son was also very curious to know how his father hunted.
When his son requested to accompany him, the father took him on a hunt. On a selected day, father and son went into the jungle. For a long time there was no sign of any animal. Finally, the hunter saw a big bird sitting high up on a tree. 
First, he made elaborate actions to show off to his son. Then, targetting the bird through the rifle’s telescopic sight, the hunter took careful aim. Observing his father carefully, the son held his breath.  With his index finger the hunter squeezed the trigger. Bang! The bird flew away. 
The son was confused and looked questioningly at his father. The hunter then told his son, “See how even after being hit, the bird has flown away.”
Enough for today.
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