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Thermal Materia Medica

Thermal Materia Medica
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This book "Thermal Materia Medica" has added thermals of large number of medicines, which previously were not given, and thus it is of great advantage in reaching to a correct similimum by widening the scope for selection. This book is explaining total 284 thermal remedies as against 182 given before. Except Dr. Gibson Miller nobody worked on thermal sensation in a depth. While doing the study of miasmatic strength of remedies, I came to the conclusion that each and every remedy is containing all four miasms that is Psora-Sycosis-Tubercular-Syphilis. I did not find any incomplete remedy, any single or double misam remedies. That’s why we can say that any remedy is a mixture of all four miasms. Therefore every remedy is having a definite thermal strength and unless and until the prover does not prove these thermal sensations, it will not be a complete homoeopathic remedy to cure the patients.

Strangely, today practitioners are using some fantastic new remedies that neither expresses any thermal modalities and sensations, nor any miasmatic strength which are necessary to be proved on human body & mind. These incomplete homoeopathic remedies are not reliable. In my clinical practice, I used most of the remedies, which are scientifically proved as per the homoeopathic law. Even I never use mother tinctures, biochemical medicines in my practice. Once you enjoy the "GLORY OF HOMOEOPATHY" by its scientific way then all other pathies and methods look like nonscientific, nonartistic, nonphilosophical, indiscipline and uncivil to restoration and repairing.

While doing extensive work on thermal sensation of remedies, I understood that the thermals are hidden in the drug modalities. Every drug expresses their thermal sensations and thermal modalities according to atmospheric and weather change. These thermal modalities are related to patients comfort and discomfort feeling and also depend upon their individual’s cellular metabolism. Hence, for exact similimum, these thermal filters which make the task easy by directly dividing our remedies into Chilly, Hot and Ambithermal.

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