Vital Force

While explaining the Homeopathic Philosophy, Dr Hahnemann introduced the most important concept ‘Vital Force and its role in human body’ in which he noted precisely that Vital Force is centrally and universally acting on each & every human being. The whole disease concept is dependent on the derangement of the Vital Force, as Vital Force is the central and dynamic force which governs all over the body from the most important organs up to the basic cellular level.

Dr Hahnemann mentioned about the concept of Vital Force in organon – that derangement of Vital Force is the root cause of all the diseases. So every physician should try and it should be the aim of every physician to restore the health by removing the disturbance which occurred on the Vital Force and attain cure. But, the followers of this pathy do not know what exactly it is? Since last 200 long years we were in dark. Due to lack of knowledge and understanding no one tried to analyse Dr Hahnemann’s concept of Vital Force or Dynamic Force. I think there is still a great confusion regarding this concept.

How the Vital Force (Oxygen) enters the Human Body?

When the fresh air is taken through the nostrils it enters the lung and fills it with air which is rich in oxygen. The molecules of oxygen then pass through the airway into the thin wall of alveoli to the lungs and enter into the blood (i.e. diffusion). Here, it attaches itself to the haemoglobin in the blood and heart pumps the oxygenated blood to all the parts of our body. Haemoglobin then releases the oxygen so that it can reach to each and every cell of the body and this is how the vital energy, the vital force or the oxygen energy works. It gives energy and life itself.

Cell is the basic structural and functional unit of the living body. The entire body contains about 100 trillion cells. Each organ is an aggregate of many different cells held together by intracellular supporting structures. Each type of cell is specially adapted to perform one or a few particular functions. In every cell the smallest amount of oxygen is stored for immediate use and for multiple intracellular activities. Without this oxygen energy, there will be immediate disturbance in cellular activities. Lack of oxygen is thus hazardous to every single cell.


Mitochondrion and oxygen are essential components for each other. Both depend on each other for their function. Mitochondria are workshop for oxygen From Homeopathic point of view, oxygen processed (development) in mitochondria is nothing but vital force Any disturbance in mitochondrion function will thus disturb the oxygen utility and hamper ATP production. This imbalance in group of cells proves to be the root cause of the disease.

With their central place in cell metabolism, damage and subsequent dysfunction in mitochondria is an important factor for all sorts of human diseases.


In the sycosis miasm the structural changes occur gradually, resulting in reversible or irreversible damage of the organ. E.g. Mitral Stenosis - as a result of cell injury, structural changes take place in the mitral valve area causing thickening of the valve which gradually leads to stenosis. Simultaneously, due to the backpressures there is dilation of the right atrium. Likewise, the sycotic miasm works in the body. The effect of sycosis is a manifestation of abnormal contraction, dilatation, indurations and tissue growth or hypertrophy. Sycotic miasm is characterized by moderate degree of hypoxia or ischaemia (II degree) which is responsible for an abnormal cell behavior and cell injury. Hypoxia hampers the cellular metabolism which is responsible for the abnormal protein chain and the abnormal growth of the affected cells. If this state persists it causes neoplasm or tumor like growth. Oxygen (Vital Force) and its Relation to Miasm 112 _ Vital Force is Oxygen So again moderate degree of hypoxia leads to irreversible cell damage, homeopathically we call it as sycosis miasm.

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