Vital Force


In the sycosis miasm the structural changes occur gradually, resulting in reversible or irreversible damage of the organ. E.g. Mitral Stenosis - as a result of cell injury, structural changes take place in the mitral valve area causing thickening of the valve which gradually leads to stenosis. Simultaneously, due to the backpressures there is dilation of the right atrium. Likewise, the sycotic miasm works in the body. The effect of sycosis is a manifestation of abnormal contraction, dilatation, indurations and tissue growth or hypertrophy. Sycotic miasm is characterized by moderate degree of hypoxia or ischaemia (II degree) which is responsible for an abnormal cell behavior and cell injury. Hypoxia hampers the cellular metabolism which is responsible for the abnormal protein chain and the abnormal growth of the affected cells. If this state persists it causes neoplasm or tumor like growth. Oxygen (Vital Force) and its Relation to Miasm 112 _ Vital Force is Oxygen So again moderate degree of hypoxia leads to irreversible cell damage, homeopathically we call it as sycosis miasm.


This miasm is the connecting link between sycosis and syphilis. It represents with inflammation, degeneration, and atrophic changes at the cellular level and thus creates great disturbances in cellular functions with weakening the cell. For example, osteoarthritis, spondylosis, etc. Tubercular miasm include the III degree oxygen derangement. Being the III degree hypoxic or ischemic state, the cell function is hampered to near complete and changes such as atrophy, degeneration, and emaciation are seen. In this miasmatic state, the cells try to survive with very less degree of oxygen. If this state persists, it gradually leads to complete destructive pathology that is syphilis.


Syphilitic miasm is characterized by infarction, necrosis and destruction of the suffering organ; for instance, myocardial infarction, cerebral stroke etc. There is a great degree of vital derangement when syphilitic state progresses. This vital derangement is nothing but complete lack (or absence) of oxygen in the cell and in the suffering organ, creating metabolic threat of anaerobic energy. Thus the cell progresses towards death. Syphilis indicates very low degree or the complete lack of oxygen (i.e. anoxia). This IV degree of oxygen derangement is a very serious situation as per the cell injury is concerned. The cell then gradually or suddenly progresses to destructive Introduction _ 113 changes like infarction or necrosis that is premature cell death. Necrosis occurs as a destructive chain reaction; the tissue surrounding the necrotic cell also undergoes stepwise destructive changes and likewise group of cells (tissue) get affected. Further as it progresses major part of the organ is involved creating functional disturbances thereby affecting the entire body. Thus, all these miasmatic states occur in human being due to vital (oxygen) derangement. Taking a short review of what is earlier mentioned in this book verifies that vital energy is nothing but oxygen energy. This will make us understand clearly that to what extent lack of oxygen in the healthy body is responsible for the varied types of dysfunctions leading to the cell injury. The physician must understand the vital force well, to remove the vital disturbance of the body with the help of homeopathic remedy; as the properly selected Homeopathic remedy removes the obstacles that create derangement in cell metabolism and its oxygen supply.

As we relate lack of oxygen to physical signs and symptoms likewise every abnormal thought leads to an abnormal breathing and ultimately result in lack of oxygen.

Vital Energy Derangement – Origin of Pathology

Most of the times, if the oxygen supply (vital energy) to a part or as a whole is altered, due to any kind of pathological or environmental reasons it will lead to mild, moderate or severe injury to the cell depending upon the duration of oxygen lack. Each and every cell requires oxygenated blood for its activity i.e. aerobic respiration. Absence of oxygen will result in anaerobic metabolic activity which is a negligible source of energy and will never be enough for the energy requirement of the body. When the microcirculation of tissue is damaged by any of the mechanical, chemical, micro-bacterial, environmental or by reactive oxygen species, aerobic metabolism is disturbed; short term anaerobic metabolism results which barely provide any energy and causes accumulation of harmful byproducts as lactic acid initiating the vital derangement.

Energy required for functioning of every single cell is obtained from metabolism in mitochondria and there are various minute receptors guiding this process. Slightest disturbance in any of the process in mitochondria will leadto cell damage.
The basic dysfunction being at such a micro level, cell requires a medicine which will carry out correction at same level. So the dynamic potential of Homeopathic medicine is only capable to reach such a minute level and bring out the repair and reconstruction. In order to establish health and to get all organs to its optimum function, proper oxygen supply is a necessity. Homeopathic medicine works for the same purpose. Via receptors and CNS it shows its action on the cell organelles especially mitochondria. It stimulates the mitochondria to utilize more oxygen molecules and to reestablish the aerobic metabolism required for proper functioning and defense mechanism of the body. Thus, the abnormal function of cell can be brought back to normal with the properly selected Homeopathic medicine. This is the dynamic action of the Homeopathic medicines. It is the most rapid and gentle way of healing.

Thus, by summarizing this new scientific concept about vital force, I would like to conclude, making a firm statement that Yes! ‘Vital force is nothing but oxygen energy’. I would like you to recall the 10th aphorism related to vital force as described by Dr Hahnemann, in the similar manner as I have mentioned i.e. The material organism, without the vital force (oxygen), is capable of no sensation, no function, no self preservation; it derives all sensation and performs all the functions of life solely by means of the immaterial being (the vital principle) which animates the material organism in health and in disease.

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