Articles What Homeopathic potency should I take?

What Homeopathic potency should I take?

There is a difference in the action of the various potencies of homeopathic remedies.
"Homeopathy is one of the fastest - growing alternative medicines available today. By triggering the body’s own self - healing abilities, homeopathic remedies are a safe and effective way to treat everyday ailments as well as acute and chronic symptoms of mind and body and are winning more converts every day." Dana Ullman

Understanding Homeopathy Potency - Homeopathic remedies are prepared through a process called potentization. Potentization involves a series of systematic dilutions and successions (a forceful shaking action). Potentization is important, because it removes all risk of chemical toxicity while activating a remedy substance and enabling it to affect the body therapeutically. Homeopathic potencies are designated by the combination of a number and a letter (for example, 6X or 30C).

The number refers to the number of dilutions the tincture has undergone within a series to prepare that remedy. The letter refers to the proportions used in each dilution of the series (the Roman numeral X means 10, and the Roman numeral C means 100), as well as the number of succussions the vial of solution undergoes in each successive stage. learn more about homeopathic potencies.

What Homeopathic potency should I take?

By Gina Tyler DHOM.
There is a difference in the action of the various potencies of homeopathic remedies. Some of the higher potencies are best to the experienced practitioner.

In reality the entire series of potency needs to be used by only those that do their homework first. (Before taking anything) If one confines himself to only the low potency’s ( 3x,6x,9x,3c,6c,9c ) he is limiting himself.

It is unreasonable to expect to handle all problems with one or two potencies. The selection of the correct potency is just as important as the remedy itself. The remedy will fail if the wrong potency is used.

Choosing the Potency

The entire series of potency has been compared to the music scales. Guernsey said "A skillful artist may construct a harmony with various vibrations of the same cord but by the use of a proper combination of all sounds a more beautiful and perfect harmony might be constructed ".

To explain; any illness may be tackled by any potency but when the correct indicated potency is administered the cure may be accelerated and permanent.

Homeopathic Potency Range

Mother tincture, 1x, 3x, 3c, 6x, 6c, 9x, 9c, 12x, 12c, 200c, 1m, 10m, 50m, LM When starting a remedy we must use first the lowest potency, then work our way up, jumping on each note. Like in music - gradually going up the harmonious scale.

Consideration in the Choice of the Potency 

the susceptibility of the person
  1. the seat of the disease (mind, emotion, physical)
  2. the nature and intensity of the disease
  3. the stage and duration of the disease
  4. the previous treatments
  5. the age of a person
  6. the constitution and temperament of a person
  7. the habits of a person
  8. the pathological conditions
When it comes to emotions and mind symptoms the high potency is effective, and lower used for physical symptoms, like sore muscles, bruising, acute injuries. Medium for the organs.

Provided that the selection of the remedy is Homeopathically correct the law of the least action appears to be an essential compliment to the homeopathic law of Similars. Meaning the potencies are diluted so making the remedies "act" different than herbs in their physical form.

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