Success Stories Wilson's disease

Wilson's disease

Case of  Wilson's disease

Age : 6 yrs , Sex : female
Diagnosis : ‘Wilson’s Disease’ - A Genetic Disorder causingCopper Deposition in organs of the body.  She was in aHepatic Coma & was advised Liver Transplant.
She belongs to Ahmedabad and was admitted there in one of the hospital in I.C.U.
She had oedema all over the body with her skin color turned dark yellow.
Her haemoglobin was 3gm%.  On investigation her bilirubin was 5 mg.
Hepatitis  A, B, C and all other tests done were all found normal.
Sent for eye examination where the typical brownish discoloration (Kayser–Fleisher rings) around cornea and decreased ceruloplasmin levels  confirmed the diagnosis.
Her bilirubin in next few days was risen to 44.5 mg.
She was then told to have no other option but Liver Transplant.
She was started with the medicine on 18th Jan 2012.
Improvement was observed from the very next day.
There was reduction in oedema.
On 20th Jan. investigations were repeated and bilirubin level had fallen down to 30mg/dl.
On the 3rd day the SGPT declined from 1276 to 636.
Visible change in her skin color which was dark yellow was easily observed.
From being listless lying on bed, now she had a fresh beautiful smile on her face.
There after she showed progressive improvement.
The complaints of fever, nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, vertigo, rashes & swelling gradually diminished in about 15 days.
There were subjective and objective improvements.
Objective improvements were obvious by bilirubin reports which are given in tabloid form below.
She was able to have proper diet and also gained about 4-5 kg of weight in 2-3 months.
One thing to be understood well is that it was difficult to give her any kind of allopathic medicines as the liver was badly damaged.
Oedema gradually disappeared. Skin color was back to normal, appetite improved. Gradually she became mobile and within next 2 to 3months she was back to her near normal life.
Latest follow up was taken on 16th of July 2012. No one could believe that few months back she was in such a serious condition that her survival was a question mark. She was running all over the hospital, talking to doctors, playing antics with me, trying to get attention from me and people around.
Where else can u see such an impossible thing getting possible - nowhere else but with Homoeopathic science.

Baby.  Swati Bafna.


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