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I am homoeopathic having very successful practice since 25 years, was amazed to beloved that homoeopath as IPD is a boom to the mankind. I salute Dr. Nikam for his untiring efforts in servicing the humanity. My best wishes & pray that this good work should become bench mark & role model for the whole of Homeopathy. I am fortunate to visit his IPD hospital & learnt lot of not only homoeopathy but his other attributes of knowledge.
Dr. Shankar Chawla (Mumbai)

Dear Sir, I am very delighted to say that it is very unique experience. When I was visiting the Pt, I am feeling that I am moving in unique place of world. Really I appreciate your effort towards the healthy society. May Goid give you more strength and power, long life. Thank you Sir.
DR Manish Patel, Abhipsa Homoeopathic Clinic (Gujrat)

Respected Sir, Your Contribution to homoeopathy is of no doubt has regards and also an eye opener to all those who don’t have faith in our pathy. In few words I got an insight that positive attitude, self confidence & faith in pathy counts more than any approach. This makes me remember two words AVDE SAPERE which we all must then whatever be the route taken for the road of cure is easy & quicker. Thank You.
DR Sadaf A. H. Ulde, (Mira Road)

Saw excellent results but not able to understand how you reached to the medicine. That clinching of important characteristic in a case is probably what we miss & fail. But overall – an encouraging experience.
Dr. Falguni Chheda, (Vasai (W))

It was a very enlightening session in terms of what homoeopathy & a homoeopath can do. This is the just time that I have seen homoeopathy being practiced with a hospital set-up. The confidence with which Sir treats is really admirable. It has somewhere given me the courage to treat such emergencies. He is a very transparent person which we don’t see in many people. After this seminar & workshop I have realized that I need to do lot of reading in Meteria Medica & not be dependent only on our Repertories (Which we often do). Thanks a lot Sir for all your efforts & valuable time.
Dr. Sonali Talreja, (Dadar (W))

A visit to Aditya Homoeopathy Hospital is most inspiring movement of all. I am running short of words to express myself. What I seen is much more then what I have heard of this hospital. As a student they was nothing more motivating, confident building than watching almost all gross pathologies showing positive response homoeopathic medicine. Till date I was reading I was heard about but watching it that too along with explanation & guidance of Dr. Amarsinha Nikam is truly most precious movement of my life. The humbleness, dexterous hard water true heater, Dr. Amar Nikam is revolutionary scientist!!
Dr Rahul M Jadhav, (Satara)

First of all thanks for all the time you have spent to show us all cases. These 4 days were eye opener and turning point in my life. All the things only thought was seen practically increased my faith in homoeopathy and we also understood depth of homoeopathic healing This seminar and workshop has given the new vision of homoeopathy. We request you to conduct similar workshop during our study circle session.
Dr. Heena A Kazi, (Nerul (E) - Navi Mumbai)

It was a most wonderful and enlightening experience by seeing more than 80 cases being treated with minimum dose of homoeopathic medicine and appreciates the grasp of Homoeopathy Medico and pathology of the disease by Dr. Amarsinha Nikam.
Dr. Balbir Singh Suri, (Andheri (W) - Mumbai)

We are really blessed with your Seminar Workshop & Hospital Visit. These four days in our life was really fruitful & after this we really could continue our practice further with more confidence. Thanks once again for the knowledge you gave us.
Dr. Rajesh B Shah, (Mumbai)

It was satisfactory, cases shown were good, but there should have been emphasis on the method of selecting Indicated Remedy & Repetition to be given. And in 2 / 3 cases medicine was changed, so on what basis it was done. Also how you come to know how many days you have to give yourself & patient to treat surgical cases. Emergency should have been told as if any medicine is not correct it may cause harm to Pt. And how you come to know your remedy is correct as it takes almost 15 days / 1 week to get results, but in emergency cases Patient should be given quick relief so you cannot try medicine on them
Dr. Niyati S Upadhyay, (Kandivli (W) Mumbai)

I attended seminar at Mumbai on 10th, 11th Jan & Mumbai Workshop on 12th Jan & also in Pune – Pimpri on 13th Jan for Pune Workshop My experience is marvelous I am very glad to see the result I acute emergencies & now believe in homoeopathy in such acute emergencies.
Dr. Aarti Panseriya, (Surat)

Suggestions for the OPD timings & follow up patient timings - I request you as a doctor to please follow strict timings for the patients because patient itself is in sufferings & long waste of time disturbs the mental state of the patient & the relatives, & the patients suffering increases in spite of decreasing. So, it’s a humble request to you to please consider my request off all the suffering patients.
Dr. Sagar Patwa, Shreyansh Clinic (A’nagar)

Our first session was really knowledge giving..We learned practically that whatever facts are there in Front of us should given more importance rather than mentals which may misguide us.. We should have sound knowledge of Pathophysiology of each remedy..Thanks... It was really nice and enriched with knowledge...
Dr Nilima

Thank you...for such a great session!! Truely valuable for classical practice. Sincerely thanks to whole team of AHHHC commendable team work and dedication for giving such great effort to building up good Homoeopathic Practioners and make classic Homeopathy flourish...
Dr Jitesh

Today's session was really a great eye opening workshop, mostly on potency, and being a homeopath I was suprised to see that homeopathy can do miracle, thank you to the speaker's who had guide us very nicely, and most important about Dr.Nikam Sir I am really speechless for him. Thank's to him for arranging the workshop...
Dr Poonam

In the world of modern medicine, the Aditya Homoeopathic hospital is the only one which showing how critical cases should be managed by most scientific,gentle way...Sir's aim is to spread a classical Homoeopathy in right way to every human being...And I am so lucky that I am part of this movement....Thank You so much everyone... MISSION HOMOEOPATHY TEAM is taking great efforts to make not only professional doctors but a good human being also..
Eagerly waiting for next session...
Dr.Vishal Sawant

Yes sir.... It was indeed a wonderful experience. Gross pathological cases getting managed by homoeopathy..... All the lectures were enriched with knowledge... The best part was working on the case.... Forming totality..... The importance of pathophysiology in management of case as well as selection of remedy was new learning..... Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us.... Looking forward eagerly for the next workshop...
Dr kalyani

Definitely it was a great learning experience. Unfortunately, I could not make it today. But do wish to convey my deep sense of gratitude to the whole team at Aditya Hospital. Also, hope to remain in touch with the hospital to learn newer things, as and when it is possible. Thanks once again...
Dr. Radhika

Thanks to all drs and staff of Aditya hosp .Really it was very nice experience and sound understanding for us .Great inspiration. Thank u all...
Dr. Rupali

Thank u so much Sir for your guidance n motivation to practice classical homoeopathy.Really it was great opportunity to us .Thanks to all the teachers for your wonderful lectures. Thank u all...
Dr preeti rani

Good morning to work shop 2017 B batch.
My deep regards and Sadar Charan Vandna to Great Teacher and Hahnnemanian Homoeopth Dr Nikam Sir ji. I congratulate to Dr Manish Nikam and his dedicated team of Doctors and staff for successful organisation of workshop.
This workshop was very informative , educative and inspiring. I attended sir's seminar at Patiala punjab in 2006 but i was not able to follow the path as shown by Sir . I attended so many classes, seminar and workshops of Dr Sehgal sir , Dr Vijaykkar sir and few seminars of Dr shankaran and Dr Kulkarni and got lot of knowledge about Mind , personality and classical practice. But in my first workshop with Nikam Sir and entire team felt new courage and classical Homoeopathy dimensions. It will be a great opportunity for me, by attending all your workshops and get a chance to learn. Thanks to all.
Dr. Anil sharma Rohtak Hry.

Good morning.
To ,Faculties , Mission Homoeopathy Sir please guide what to do when well selected remedy given and patient is improving , meanwhile he suffered from some acute complaint and he takes allopathic medicine, should we repeat previous given Homoeopathic remedy or have to wait. Please guide. Thanks.
Dr. Anil Sharma

I am thankful to all the team of ADITYA HOMOEOPATHIC HOSPITAL for consistency they have kept in bringing the many Homoeopaths like me, who are wondering from the sole moto, on a right path..I bow my head before Resp. NIKAM sir for his Devine presence on this planet. We are lucky enough that , we are on the same path enlightened by respected sir and founded by our MASTER'S to serve the humanity. I have started learning.... Thanks
Dr. Makade

I have taken a Homoeo case as per case taking format by Sir.
Feeling joyous..
Great pleasure first time in my clinical practice I have spent two hrs with Pt. Thanks for motivation to mission homeopathy
Dr. Arun Patil

Thank u Dr Nikam sir and mission Homeopathy whole team for showing scientific and practical approach towards Homoeopathy it's really proud moment to be part of it.
Dr. Nilesh

Thank u
Nikam sir and whole team for inspiring us correct and scientific and practical approach towards Homoeopathy.
Dr. Rajashree More

Hats off to Dr.nikam sir n his team...Sir's work is very inspiring...two days sessions was very informative n easy to understand as well as easy to apply in practice...Thank u Dr.Nikam sir for giving best learning opportunity ....
Dr. Sonal Sheth

First I thank you all.
first case I saw today which was follow up case with no improvement then I took once again history according to sir theory and I am very happy to to inform you all that medicine came is covering whole case and I hope this will work. And I returned home with New approach and New enthusiasm.
Thanks to everyone and specially Manish sir who has sporty activeness and ofcourse Nikam sir who is unique and no comparison at all.
Dr. Manjunath

Thanks to Dr Nikam sir & the whole team for inspiring us correct scientific & practical approach towards Homoeopathy.
Dr. Smita Naikude

Thanks alot the whole team of Dr Nikam Sir who r doing extraordinary work in Homoeopathy. Very very special thanks to Dr Nikam Sir who give us such a valuable informations about Homeopathy concepts, taking efforts for us & Share all ur valuable knowledge with us. Hats off to You nd ur team for such a Dedicated work u all doing for Homoeopathy & Human beings...
Keep it up....
Dr. Apeksha

Gm thank you lot mission Homoeopathy team...
keep moving HARD...
like the most real truth about Homoeopathy after visiting Aditya. Hospital keep inspiring the beginning and wud like 2 say this batch is mostly I guess the great shift of allopathy to real world of Homoeopathy including make us Learn better Homoeopathy in future successful in keeping mind that MANY of US are shifting from allopathy to Homoeopathy which Will help us in larger extent. Thank you dr.nikkam sir.AND team once again. I wud like to ask out of sirs 4 books which book to start reading first and in sequence???which is easy for us???PLEASE Dr.manish suggest us.thank one & all. Have a great week ahead...

Sir yesterday workshop was very valuable and hospital round with I think Dr Aisha was very nice and she made the round really useful and she explained for every patient how sir approached to remedy with differentiating similar going remedy. And this is what actually we needed.and this time every moment we spend in hospital improved our knowledge so we are very thankful to all your team...

Dr Manjunath

This 3rd Workshop. Became right radar for our future. Thanks lot team mission Homoeopathy. Keep blessing beginner's like us.


Yes......our round too became valuable ....Dr.Achal and her team explained great pathology Nd differentiate remedies very well....and way how to reach perfect remedy ......this session is very good

Dr. Manjunath

Sir, Really the points are getting cleared, because some concepts were feed in mind since college day's and to dr.nikam sir and the team member's. I am very thankful that they are explaining very wonderfully, due to which the difficulties are getting cleared, but still I have difficulty to how to get the thermal state of patient.
Dr. Poonam
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