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Aditya Homoeopathic Hospital
Unique and only existent Homoeopathic Hospital worldwide ‘Aditya homeopathy Hospital and Healing Centre’ is an innovative establishment of Dr. A. D. Nikam.

With the 30 years wide experience gained, Dr. Nikam started his own Homoeopathic Hospital named as “ADITYA HOMOEOPATHIC HOSPITAL & HEALING CENTRE” at Pimpri Gaon, Pune, Maharashtra on 2nd May 1995.

Being a strong believer and follower of Homoeopathy, Dr. Nikam’s mission is to benefit and treat as many patients as he can by this painless and scientific therapy.

Dr. Amarsinha D. Nikam
A Master of Classical Homoeopathy

Started his homoeopathic practice in 1980 in a very remote village, i.e. Chinchoshi Gaon (Chakan taluka), in Pune.

Today, Dr. Nikam is the most celebrated practitioner, researcher, exponent, spokesperson and Guru of homoeopathy in the country. In our Asian subcontinent, he is the only one who privately runs homoeopathic medical hospital.
Various Articles on Homeopathy Treatmensts, Medicines, Research, Healing, Processes, Lactures, Poems are covered in this section.
Celebrity Comments
"It is a wonderful example of Homoeopathy working rapidly in the sports medicine faculty." – Zaheer Khan.
(2004-2005, when he was being treated for Hamstring muscle injury)
"I appreciate Dr. Nikam’s dedicated and selfless service to mankind. He is a ‘Mesiha’ for the sick & ailing. I wish him all the best."
(Col. Shivajee Solanki.)
"Even terminal cases are recovering fast after coming in the care of Dr. Nikam."
(Lt.General A.K.Chopra,Commandant, National Defense Academy, Khadkwasla, Pune.)
"It was great pleasure to see that Dr. Nikam is relieving the Chronic patients, but more than that his efforts to prove Homoeopathy scientifically. It requires exposure"
(Dr. P.G. Kulkarni.)
"Exceptionally expert practictioner of Homoeopathy with documentary written first time on earth."
(Dr. Mayuresh m. Dande, Nagpur.)
"Remarkably miraculous results well documented from a Homoeopathic genius. Wishing him greater prosperity in further development of his unique service."
(Dr. Albert V., PORT LOUIS.)
"Saying magic of science is produced by ‘Homoeopathy’. I am MD Medicine doctor; but think Homoeopathy is something better than Allopathy in curing the patients."
(Dr. Maher Arafat.)
"Dr. Nikam is an excellent speaker. An excellent campaigner. His base of knowledge is very sound which makes the audience spellbound."
(Mr. Nirmal, Chief Engg. Gangapur Dam, Nashik.)
"Dr. Nikam has gained international acclaim."
(Speaks Member of Legislative Council Shri Ulhas Pawar.)
"Many patients are getting new lease of life."
(Sadguru Shri Prabhunath Maharaj.)
"A selfless service."
Sadguru Shri Bhayyu Maharaj, Indore.)
"This institute is a face of knowledge where everyone can come to know what you are!"
Shri Chandratanaya Maharaj, Beed.)
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