H.I.V. +ve Treated with Homoeopathy

 I am 33 yrs old lady diagnosed to be HIV+ve. I had complaints of Pustules all over body since 10 days, Chills all over body with mild fever, Dry cough for2 – 3 days& Difficulty in speaking. My condition was so bad that even the hospital staff would avoid nursing & dressing me.
The doctors in super specialty hospital were constantly insisting my relatives to take me home, but after giving homoeopathic medicine, I stayed for two more days.
After giving the 1st dose of the similimum, the boils broke open. The offensiveness of the discharges reduced, leaving the doctor’s shocked.
Later on, the eruptions started drying up completely leaving behind thick, hard crusts.
15 days later, I visited Aditya Homoeopathic hospital for 1st time when there was new skin coming up, as if skin had been grafted.
Now I am continuing medicines and is keeping good health. My appetite has increased and weight has improved. My CD4 counts as well as Hemogram reports are well maintained. Such outstanding results with Homoeopathic medicines & in these types of pathologies! Difficult to believe ? Please believe it. Because this is what Homoeopathy can achieve.

Mrs. Varsha Kothawade.
A/P Pimpalner, Tal. Sakari, Dist. Dhule.



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