Social Responsibility Seminar At Andheri, Mumbai on 26th June 2011

Seminar At Andheri, Mumbai on 26th June 2011

Seminar organized by the ‘Hahnemann College of Homoeopathy, London’ at Local Self Government, Chanakya Institute, Near BMW Showroom, Andheri West, Mumbai.

Title : Critical Neurological Cases.

The seminar was organized by the ‘Hahnemann College of Homoeopathy, London’ under the able guidance of Dr. Jawahar Shah.

The audience comprised of about 25-30 brilliant and devoted PG Students. Dr. Amar Nikam was in his element today and kept the audience riveted to their chairs with his immense knowledge, experience and teaching skills. He explained two severe Neurological cases in full detail and the students were amazed at the clarity of thought, accurate gradation of symptoms, and absolute extraction of the facts leading to perfect totality and simplicity of the remedy.

The first case was extremely interesting.

Mr. V.S.

This is an interesting case of a young man aged 24 yrs, who was diagnosed to have CHONDROID CHORDOMA diagnosed in 2002; operated for the same and yet had recurrence of symptoms and again advised surgery.

His complaints started in 2002, when he had been to saloon and during head massage started with headache and vibrating sensation in head. Gradually he started with double vision for left eye; protruding (Rt) eye and bending of head upwards (Lt) side. In between he developed severe attacks of headache. For complaint of double vision, he consulted Ophthalmologist who advised him for MRI Scan of Brain followed by Histopathological Reports. Thereafter he was diagnosed to have Chondroid Chordoma.

His complaints worsened and he started to develop slurred speech and imbalance while walking. So, finally in Oct.2003, after many experts’ opinion Craniotomy was done with only superficial excision of tumor.

The tumor looked soft to firm and jelly like at superficial area. Deeper part became more calcified. This area was decompressed…………….The portion of the tumor posterior to ACA was very hard. Only some superficial portion could be taken out. Deeper part was so stony hard that no instrument could break the tumor. The procedure was abandoned at this stage………

Surgery was no boon to him but it rather worsened his complaints. Not only he had recurrence of symptoms but also developed (Lt) sided Hemiparesis. His condition was like handicap for which he always required support of someone. For this his consultant advised him surgery again. Now his relatives were not at all ready and so they came to me for consultation on 23rd March 2004.


Chordomas are relatively rare neoplasm arising from embryonic notochordal remnants and comprise less than 1% of intracranial neoplasms. They typically occur along the neuraxis, especially at the developmentally more active cranial and caudal ends, notably in the spheno-occipital, sacrococcygeal, and vertebral locations. Twenty-five percent to 40% of chordomas occur in the speno-occipital or skull base region. These tumors occur predominately in the 30 to 50 year old age range and show a slight predominance in men.

These tumors can occur extra-axially, in unusual locations, and are then termed primary. They probably arise from ectopic notochordal elements.

Symptoms :

The clinical presentation depends on the origin and extension of each particular tumor. Delay in diagnosis is common, secondary to the occult nature of the disease and poorly localizing signs and symptoms. A headache arising in the vertex, ipsi-parietal, orbital, or frontal regions is a typical early symptom. This is due to stretching of middle fossa dura and is often severe. Patients may also present with paresthesias or anesthesia of the jaw region, serous otitis media, hearing loss, nasal obstruction/anosmia, syncope and, rarely, vertigo. Recurrent meningitis has also been noted in these patients. The late symptoms generally depend on the direction of tumor extension. Anterior extension leads to diplopia and ophthalmoplegia, or both. Posterior extension presents as facial or other lower cranial nerve neuropathies.

His complaints in detail were as follows :

  1. Weakness, numbness of (Lt) hand & (Lt) leg since 3-4 months. [(Lt) sided Hemiparesis.]
    - A/f : Post-operative.
    Lower Limbs :
    - Weakness in (Lt) leg while walking.
    - While walking, (Lt) leg used to turn inside.
    - Imbalancing while walking with staggering gait.
    In case of Upper Limb :
    - Weakness in (Lt) hand with falling of objects while handling.
    - Unable to raise the (Lt) hand above shoulder.
    Wt. loss since 2 yrs.
    Headache off & on since 2 yrs.
    - Headache mostly on (Lt) side. Sometimes to (Rt) side, forehead & vertex.
    - Pain appearing & disappearing gradually with heaviness sensation of head.
    - < Sneezing while. > Sleep after.
    - < Cold air draft.
    - < After jerk.
    - < Loss of sleep.
    - And at times weeps when pain increases.
    Double vision of (Lt) eye since 1 yr.
    Protrusion of (Rt) eyeball since 1½ yr.
    Slurred speech off & on since 1½ yr.
Past History :
  1. At the age of 10, slap by teacher when pt. was in std. 4th. Giddiness sensation at that time for 2 days.
    Bell’s palsy (?) at that time.
  2. H/o (Rt) side head injury at the age of 10.
  3. H/o Head injury 3-4 times in childhood.
  4. H/o Typhoid at the age of 12.
  5. H/o # (Lt) leg at the age of 15.
Response :

First dose of simillimum was administered and he was advised for regular follow up every 8 days.

Gradually all his complaints reduced i.e. double vision (diplopia), gait while walking improved. Had wt. gain and weakness of (Lt) side of body reduced. His frequent attacks of severe headache which would occur even on slight sneezing got 0reduced and he was relieved of it completely.

Within 4-5 months, he totally recovered from Paralysis and had normal power and strength in his extremities. He started with all his routine activities and even resumed his business.

He regained almost 15 kg. wt.

His complaints had reduced and as he had much engrossed in his business he continued treatment only up to 2 yrs.

Now he is fine since last 7 years, doing all his activities and handling his own business. He is now prepared to take the responsibility of marriage & family life.

In this case, where surgery was re-indicated homoeopathic medicine has revealed its great healing power.

Similar results have been achieved in many such syphilitic cases.

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